About Film Bug and It’s Vision.

FilmBug is a charitable initiative that was formed with the philosophy of giving back. The idea is to teach professional filmmaking with a purpose,which is otherwise an expensive skill to Less Fortunate, Homeless & Street Children through Filmmaking workshops across the country.

It is desgined to encourage children To think out of the box , To work in teams, To give vent to their emotions ,To gain confidence , To empower them to tell their stories through film ,To enjoy an immersive movie making experience.

Who We Are

Nameeta Premkumar

Founder & Director Filmbug

Nameeta Message

FilmBug Vision
  • Empower Less Fortunate Children To Tell Their Own Stories Through Celluloid -Creating A Change In Society Through These Films That Is Unimaginable.
  • An Opportunity For Children To Vent Their Emotions Through Their Stories Thus Enhancing Personality Development And Instilling Confidence.
  • To Create Awareness About The Ngo’s That Collaborate With Filmbug By Promoting And Positioning These Films In The Public Domain Across Various Platforms .
  • To Create A Platform & To Nurture And Spot Future Talent Thereby Building A Talent Pool .
NGO’S Who are Associated with FilmBug