Film Making Workshops For Less Fortunate, Homeless & Street Children.


To Teach Professional Filmmaking To Children (From An Idea To Writing Scripts In Final Draft Format, Storyboarding, Camera, Lenses, Light Pre -Production, Action, Shooting To The Final Film.

  • Designed To Encourage & Inspire Creativity
  • Enhances Team Work And Bonding
  • Free Expression & Lateral Thinking
  • Give Vent To Your Imagination
  • Think Out Of The Box & Open Your Mind’s Eye
  • Empower Children To Write Their Stories And Shoot Them
The curriculum
  • The genesis of an idea
  • From an idea to a story
  • From a story to a screenplay –Writing in Final draft format
  • Storyboarding
  • Technicals : Camera angles,Shots ,Lenses , Axis , Lighting and sound for film
  • Pre Production & Planning
  • Shooting on location
  • Making their own films

Our Recent Film Making Workshops